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Texas has proven itself as a national leader in education, with more schools than any other state and a fourth place ranking in a number of colleges. Additionally, Texas is one of only 19 states that require a passing grade on a competency test before a high school diploma is granted.

Education Training Programs

The state's 50 community colleges and the Texas State Technical College System offer degree programs and vocation training. This group of institutions often works with employers to design custom training programs.

Training assistance is available to employers under the state's Skills Development Fund.

Skills Development Fund - This is a new program designed to help Texas public community and technical colleges finance customized job training for their local businesses. Under this program, companies form partnerships with community colleges to design training programs and submit an application to the Texas Workforce Commission for funds. The funding grant is awarded to the educational institution, and the company agrees to hire the trained workers. The program's flexibility makes it particularly attractive to employers. The Texas Workforce Commission administers the Skills Development Fund.

The following are representative statistics and facts for Alice ISD:

> 1 High School (Texas Recognized School)
> 1 Middle School
> 2 Intermediate Schools
> 5 Elementary Schools
> AISD Total Enrollment (Grades K through 12) - 5,691
> 2016/2017 ACT Scores - 18
> 2016/2017 SAT Scores (Verbal - 498; Math - 500)
Combined - 998
> Dropout Rate - 1.0% (students who dropped out in grades 7-12 as a percent of the total number of students in membership at any time in grades 7-12)
> Number of Graduates - 265 (2016-2017)
> Percent Minority Students - 88.7 Percent
> Economically Disadvantaged Students - 71.6
> Percent Passing All TAAS/TASP Tests Taken - 88.8
> Average Teacher Salary - $34,439 Total Revenue/Pupil - $6,480

Coastal Bend College

Coastal Bend College provides vocational and academic courses for certification or associates degrees. The college also works with local business and industry to customize training and education classes for its employees.

Alice Independent School District

The Alice Independent School District features a 4-A high school, a middle school, two intermediate schools and seven elementary schools. With a combined enrollment of nearly 6,000 students, Alice places education as a top priority in developing leaders and a strong work force for the future. Through vocational education programs at the high schools in the region, students are prepared for the work force. These programs have been prompted to offer vocational courses related to key regional industries and targeted occupations. Tech Prep is a program to promote and support comprehensive educational restructuring and life-long learning. The Coastal Bend Tech Prep Consortium includes all independent school districts in the region, as well as higher education institutions and many local businesses. The consortium has 23 approved Tech Prep programs with about 1,900 students enrolled.

Private Schools

St. Elizabeth School - Grades K3 through 6
St. Joseph School - Grades Pre-K through 5
Alice Christian School - Grades K through 12

Also, within a short driving distance are Texas A&M in Kingsville and Corpus Christi, offering an extensive variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees.