Alice Chamber of Commerce & Convention Visitors Bureau

Outdoor-Oriented Lifestyle

Enjoy the outdoor-oriented lifestyle of Alice Texas! With an abundance of wildlife, hunting, fishing,
and bird watching are favorite activities of those both living in Alice and visiting in the area.

Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame Museum

Tejano ROOTS is a private, non-profit organization established June 9, 1999. The Hall of Fame honors and recognizes Tejano artists, musicians, composers and any other persons who have contributed to the awareness and
entertainment of the Tejano culture. The museum preserves the historical artifacts, documents and culture of the Tejano Music
Industry. The museum is located at 213 N. Wright Street (361) 668-6666 or (361) 664-8000

Guiness Book of World Records

Only in Alice will one find the world's tallest, cement water tower. Located in downtown Alice near City Hall, is what the 1976 Guinness Book of Records calls the tallest concrete water tower in the world. Built in 1926-27, the 165-feet tall
tower has a 3-foot tall tank which; measures 28.4 feet in diameter.

Golf Courses

Golfers have two courses to choose from in the Hub City. The two courses with a total of 27 holes are home for golfing organizations such as the Alice Pan American Golf Association and the Alice 50 Plus Golf Association.
Benefit and high school tournaments are also held at the courses. Lined with mesquite trees, the Alice Municipal
Golf Course is the larger of the two courses with 18 holes. The course, located at Anderson Park on North Texas Boulevard, features everything from long fairways to water hazards with a total of 5,911 yards of fairways and greens.

Green fees on Monday through Friday vary according to days and tee-times. Special rates for Winter Texans are offered
from November to March. For further information on the Alice Municipal Golf Course, write to: P.O. Box 646, Alice, Texas, 78332, or call (361) 664-7033.

Alice’s other course is the Alice Country Club Golf Course, located off Highway 44 east of Alice. The nine-holes course
offers 6,470 yards of fairways and greens. Fees will vary according to days and times.

For further information on the Alice Country Club Golf Course, write to: P.O. Box 763, Alice, Texas, 78333, or call
(361) 664-3723.

South Texas Museum

South Texas Museum focuses on distinctive history and traditions of this South Texas region.

Exhibits trace habitation from American Indian to 20th Century farm, ranch, railroad, and oil activities, with emphasis on pioneer ranch and household artifacts. Includes mounted wildlife and livestock specimens. Open Tuesday through Friday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.; and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The museum is located at 66 South Wright Street (361) 668-8891.

Jose De Escandon Statue

Don Jose dé Escandón was chosen in 1746 to explore and settle the South Texas area. He founded 23 settlements in the area over a two year period. Ranching and farming were the economic foundation of these settlements.

This still held true through the 1800's, as Alice was recognized as the largest cattle-shipping center in the world.

On November 14, 1999 a statue of Don Jose dé Escandón was donated to the City of Alice by the children of the late
Tomas and Eloisa Pena Martinez: Jose C. Martinez, Rita Martinez Jaso, Lucila Martinez Reynolds and Guadalupe T. Martinez.

Lucien Flournoy

The City of Alice and the state of Texas were fortunate to have a friend like Lucien Flournoy. Lucien was born on June 13, 1919 and died on March 27, 2003. He was a true entrepreneur, facilitator, husband, father, grandfather, friend and generous supporter of his community, the Boy Scouts of America, many religious, social and welfare organizations. Lucien was a great philanthropist willing to support and serve in appointed or elected position. “Heroes may be forgotten, but legends never die.”